Australian News – Vaccine

DICKtator Dan- that sneaky bastard! So the third dose mandate is lifted – too little too late for many terminated and now you can come back to the workplace if you were working from home unvaccinated? Again too little too late! Employers are NOT legally allowed to mandate vaccines and it will be easier to challenge that now that Departments and Employers are acting like medical specialists with their one page risk assessments! Absolutely pathetic! So when we have most deaths and most sicknesses, when our hospital system is genuinely crumbling and under the pump, when workforces are suffering we remove the pandemic! Hopeless…

And what about the thugs that work for ATAGI? The perks that come from big pharma sponsorship đź’‰

Remember that big pharma directly sponsors hospitals for research. Meaning you don’t have to be on their boards to feel compelled to abdicate to the deadly narrative that immunity can only be begotten from an artificial concoction. The brainwashing started a long time ago and most medical specialists genuinely believe that our natural immunity is inferior to vaccination and that essential building blocks like vitamins and minerals have little utility as against drugs. This deep cognitive dissonance leads them to become vitriolic when patients die or present from side effects. It goes against their world narrative and hence it leads them to gaslight the real statistics and patients who beg for help after being injured.

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